March 29, 2006 at 4:14 am (News)


The search is on for a new type of being that has begun to emerge from amidst the human species. These individuals can easily be identified by the answers that they give to some simple questions. They appear to be engaged in an intense search for others like themselves as they link up with each other to form a network that covers the planet. This network appears to have the objective of performing the function of a strategic guidance system that can guide the developmental process in a direction that is compatible with and complementary to the way in which they see the world.

Latest reports indicate that they have begun to set up systems of teaching and training that enable others with the potential to access their perspectives to do so. It appears that their emergence commenced with the appearance of human beings and that their numbers have increased considerably. Their impact and activities have been greatly facilitated with the emergence of modern communication technologies and it is expected that their perspective may soon supercede the currently dominant one.

Like the first hominids who gathered up the courage to abandon the safety of the treetops and come down to the grassy plains below paving the way for bipedal motion and the complex use of the freedom it offered their forelimbs, these new beings face considerable criticism, opposition and hostility as they move away from the familiarity of the Dominant Perceptual Paradigm and move deeper into the emergent unitive one which they refer to as The Process Perspective, The Unitive Perceptual Paradigm and The Synthetist Vision. Breaking free of the vicious cycle that obsessively generates an endless stream of desires and compulsively drives us in search of their satisfaction they have begun to move out of the consumerist ideology and lead simple lives that utilize resources sparingly and leave them with the time to develop and increase their functional capacities.

Consequently they have begun to question the basis of the currently dominant civilization which seems to them to have the objective of voraciously consuming our universal environment at as fast a pace as possible through the constant acceleration of this process of obsessively generating desires and compulsively seeking their satisfaction. Looking beyond this dance of destruction they have begun to glimps the dynamics of life and discern its ancient direction that seems to them to seek its evolution beyond being human and its universal spread.


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  1. William Ferguson said,

    So are you going to give us links to research this or do we have to go on a Google hunt? 🙂

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