Together We Must Decide . . .

April 1, 2006 at 12:29 pm (News)


It has taken me eons of time, time so long that you cannot even conceive of, in order to figure out how to come to life as, within, through and around you. To become you I had to surrender myself to you.I had to give you complete control over your destiny.

Only the hope that you would awaken to wisdom and perceive the process of my evolution through which you have emerged, understand the principles along which it is structured and work together with me towards its further development, remained with me. It is only my faith that you can accomplish this task that stirred me to set you free.It has not taken you long to reach the stage where you are awakening to this reality of yourselves being parts of me.

Many of you realize that we must work together towards the further evolutionary development of life and towards its universal spread. Many of you realize that the resources of the planet have to be conserved and used sparingly towards this end and not squandered in the meaningless and obsessive generation of desires and their compulsive satisfaction.

Many of your realize that the time has come to change direction from this meaningless goal to the greater goal of my universal evolution. You are rapidly running out of time. The desires you obsessively generate know no limit and your compulsive search for their satisfaction consumes the Earths resources at an ever increasing speed. This same desire has led you to breed without objective or restraint so that there are far more of you than are required for the purposes of evolution and this has led to the extinction of so many living resources which were at your disposal.

Your search for individual immortality has polluted your own genetic pool and soon the sick and degenerate genes will outnumber the healthy. Eternity, if you find it, will be your death sentence since the old will live for ever leaving no room for the new to be born.

Those of you who are awakening, those of you who are awakened what will you do? Will you destroy yourselves in despair? Will you turn cynical and drown yourselves in an orgy of desire and consumption?

Will you join me in my work that proceeds slowly, patiently, subtly, sometimes creeping forward imperceptibly, sometimes springing forward in great bursts of energetic action?

Will you link up with my wisdom which resides within you, for are you not part of me? Will you learn my wisdom and hold my hand even as I hold the hands of the many others like you who have awakened? Will you heed my voice when it comes from within you? Will you be wise, patient and silent until the time comes to act with precision and decisiveness? In short will you become one with me or will you persist in being you?

You must choose, for the time is coming soon when a choice will have to be made. What do we do with the unheedful? What shall we do with that which has become a hinderance to our purpose? Shall we sweep the slate clean and begin again? Shall we preserve the few who have awoken, from the coming tide?

The one is easy, the other difficult. Come to me, let us talk together, yes you my son and you my daughter we must talk together. We must decide. . . You must reach out to me, tell me your dreams, your vision for the future free of these desires. If you hold onto me I cannot let you go. If you hold onto your desires you cannot hold onto me and I will have to let you go. The earth has been wiped clean before and it has born fruit again and again as it can many times more. And if necessary there shall be many earths more too for time is of me and I am not of time, but you are, my children and what you can do you must accomplish within your time.

So come to me while there is still time and let us talk. Together we must decide . . .


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