As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be. . .

December 28, 2006 at 11:33 am (News)


Eons ago when I first dropped down from the trees to walk upright upon the plains, you warned me that I would die. The big cats would eat me, you said. The elephants would trample me, the hoofed beasts would gore me, the bear would tear me apart with its claws and the crocodile would drag me down to its lair under water. But I survived.

And when, having learned the skills required for survival upon the plains I returned to the trees to teach them to you, you were afraid of me. You said I could not have survived and that therefore I must be a ghost. You drew away from me when I tried to convince you. You told me not to climb up to you.

As I stood beneath the trees speaking up to you, telling you how I had fared on the plains and about the skills that were required to survive upon the plains, you began to attack me and drive me away. You threw sticks at me and hurled insults at me just as you did to the big cats when they tried to attack you.

So do not be surprised when they do the same to you. Like me you have ventured deep within yourselves and have seen what they do not know and so seek to know by believing. And when they realize that in order to get beyond belief they have to come down from the trees and learn the skills required to survive on the plains – they will be filled with fear and attack you. But you shall not now make the mistake that I made then. You shall speak to them from the mountains whence only the fittest shall be able to approach you with great effort.

For you my children shall not suffer the cross.

You shall drink from the chalice.

This is the wisdom of the moment


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