March 24, 2007 at 2:19 pm (Uncategorized)


In securing your house against thieves,
you turn your home into a prison
and while thieves roam freely abroad
in fear you languish within.

In closing the door against what is bad,
you prevent what is good from entering in.
You have perhaps forgotten,
that darkness and light follow each other
and without either there can be no day.

What is it from which protection must be sought,
and who or what is it that must be protected?

While cats chase their tails endlessly
and jakals howl hollowly at the moon
Those who are called
must awaken and be on their way.



  1. Larry Victor said,

    I relate well to this. The deeper I penetrate into dysfunction the more elevated I can imagine hyperfunction. I find those who won’t permit themselves to imagine the worst are incapable of imagining the great and glorious. If you won’t imagine the worst you will never plan to survive it, nor act to avoid it coming.

    I speculate that my lack of visual imagery enables me to imagine where others are turned back by horrendous visual imagery. I find that when I talk about bad things many others are terrorized in their imaginations. But, my lack of imagery also keeps me from visualizing the great and glorious. This also may be an advantage. Visualization may be only able to present variation in a few variables from the norm. Paintings of the future demonstrate this. So, my lack of imagery may free me to speculate on futures where many, many variables are changed.

    This may be why most persons go blank when I attempt to share Big Picture imagination. They can become excited by a small piece, but their eyes dull when I attempt to expand.

    If this is the case, then assisting those with powerful mental imagery for imagine the future is a challenge.

  2. nirmalan said,

    Imagining possible futures may involve energy dynamics and connectivity skills and the cultivation of these skills and understanding of these dynamics is what assisting such people would consist of …

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