June 3, 2007 at 9:13 am (Uncategorized)

In the beginning,
and before it too,
I was

It is I who now am,
and shall be for ever.

Nothing has changed,
Nothing ever will change,
Nothing can change
Though change is all you see.

I have nowhere to go,
For I am everywhare.
I have nowhere to come,
For everywhere is me.

In you alone,
I can forget
That I am you,
and you are me,
and for a moment,
can pretend
that I am free from me.

I was not born.
I cannot die.
I live alone.
I cannot see.
I cannot speak.
I cannot hear.
I cannot feel.

I cannot know,
through narrow bands of perception
which I must weave together,
to know who I am,
who I was
and who I can be,
and become.


1 Comment

  1. St. Fallen said,

    this… is truth.

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