December 4, 2007 at 5:12 am (Uncategorized)


I am not my body
and its sensations.
I am not my mind
and its Thoughts, Images, Fantasies, Memories, Dreams and Reflections.
I am not my Soul
and its Emotions, Feelings, Desires, Cravings, Impulses and Urges.
I am the self,
whose being is the becoming of the world.
Who is all things,
Who is in all things,
and in whom all things are.
Eternal Self,
Come to life within me,
Bring Healing to my broken Body,
Bring Clarity to my confused mind,
and Save my sinful Soul from Suffering,
so that
the warmth of your Compassion,
the reassurance of your Respect,
and the Radiance of your being
may shine forth upon the world
through my life,
and the Two of us,
May be seen as the one,
who we are,
have been,
and always shall be –
a world that has no beginning
or end.


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