September 13, 2008 at 10:01 am (Uncategorized)

Fear not the darkness
for I am darkness
even as I am the light
that shines forth from it
and it is from within this darkness
that I am,
that you have emerged.

Why do you flee
from the Darkness that I am?
Why do you flee
from me who am your father
and your mother?
Who are these priests
who teach you
to love only the light?
Who are they
who seek to preserve the day
and destroy the night?

What have their labours
brought you to?
You have consumed
the resources of the planet
which is your home.

You have polluted the womb
which bore you,
and now
the heat generated
by your compulsive search,
for the satisfaction of the desires
that you obsessively generate,
threatens to destroy you.

Fear not the Darkness!
Turn from this exclusive love
of the light!
It is I who loves you
and it is I whom you must learn
to love,
for soon you must returm to me
for replenishment,
just as you must sleep every night.

In the beginning there was not,
for I was there,
as I am now,
and for ever shall be,
for neither end nor beginning
have I.
who am nothing
in whom all things are
and who am all things
in my becoming.


1 Comment

  1. St. Fallen said,

    finally, one who understands the darkness (:
    most turn to darkness for comfort, from the blinding light
    but don’t realize they may stumble on unseen objects, if they’re not careful
    fumbling in the dark…

    really liked this
    more than just as a poem
    I have yet to learn to love

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