October 11, 2009 at 5:05 pm (Uncategorized)

I circle silently above the herd. The teeming masses caught up in the daily rush to satisfy their desires do not see me. They see nothing beyond the objects of their desires.

Silently I circle above them, watching, waiting patiently for the single individuals here and there who will falter, question and fall behind. When I spot one of them my call rings out but no one hears me other than my own and now they come to me and together we watch over the awakening ones.

The wakelings are vulnerable, disoriented, depressed and often in confusion. Often under attack due to their own naïve and trusting natures, they have to learn how to protect themselves and to fight off attacks. No longer comfortable with the herd they have to learn the skills required to live alone.

When they have moved to a safe distance from the herd we swoop down to make contact with them. They do not understand the way in which we use words. They are sometimes afraid, sometimes suspicious and sometimes defensive. But they are alone and they need all the help that comes their way and so it is with relief that they encounter the structures that have been generated through us and enter into the task of their further development that is the process that transforms our civilization and brings consciousness to evolution.


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