November 9, 2009 at 6:18 am (Uncategorized)


Speaker A: What can you say about the culture attending spirituality?

Speaker B: You know, that was absolutely the most beautiful question that I have heard for a while and the way you put it is so absolutely graceful. I just love the words you choose and the way you say them.

Speaker A: Thank you, Thank you. I knew you would love them and I knew they would make you feel so good.

Speaker B: Of course that is so absolutely considerate and so absolutely caring of you. I just love the way you make me feel so comfortable.

Now the culture attending spirituality… the culture attending….. the culture… Now lets listen to this conversation we are having. Its a very good sample. This amazing feel good factor. everyone massaging each other verbally to make each other feel good. This is the spiritual culture. Soft spongy, sweet syrupy, warm, tender, gently now, easy easy, learn to walk on eggs without cracking them, always avoid anything that may trigger one of those great spiritual explosions, never never tread on anyone’s toes – that’s it, that’s what its like. Its so beautiful don’t you think.


Gurujee: Have you done your meditation?

Disciple: Why in hell should I meditate?

G: You don’t have to

D: Then why did you ask?

G: To see if you were awake

D: Are you mad, I am moving around , sweeping this damn ashram and you cannot see that I am awake?

G: With what?

D: What? With what? Awake with what? Have you gone mad?

G: Sweeping the ashram

D: Awake with sweeping the ashram?! – old man – you have lost it!

G: With what are you sweeping the ashram?

D: Oh! A broom of course, what else?

G: What is it made of?

D: What is it made of? the ashram or the broom?

G: You decide…

D: silence. Looks at guru…

G: Good morning

D: Good morning


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