April 12, 2011 at 4:42 pm (Uncategorized)

The Human Species has to reduce its impact on its environment drastically and immediately if it is to survive.

The Human Species can voluntarily reduce its numbers or wait until its rapidly growing impact on its environment generates environmental responses that lead to an excruciating extinction.

It can decide to consciously minimize its impact by educating all its individual members about this situation and guiding them through a drastic and immediate cut in consumption and consequently necessary changes in social institutions and structures and processes.

I do not know how this can be done, but I do know that by linking my brain with another for even a few seconds I am able to see some of what is possible and that the more brains linked together the more it is that can be ‘seen’ or perceived.

I have perceived ten systems that I would want to preserve and strengthen. They are:

1. Power Generation and Transmission Systems

2. Communication Systems,

3. Agricultural Systems

4. Waste Recycling Systems

5. Transport systems,

6. Reproduction, Production and Social Support Systems,

7. Training Systems,

8. Health Systems,

9. Surgical and Medical Systems

10.Rapid Response Systems.

I also see how a wind down can be ‘managed’ creatively and with minimal loss of life.

It will involve the conscious transformation of civilization.


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