Nirmalan Dhas


It is my privilege to continue to be an interested part, observer of and participant in the evolutionary development of the dominant developmental paradigm in the face of increasing evidence exposing the illusory nature of its underlying dualist perspective with its consequent perception of objects and its compulsive commitment to their manipulation by force. In particular I have been keenly interested in the emergence, progressive consolidation and impact of the growing global networks of conflict resolution mechanisms with their awareness of the role of perception in conflict generation that seems solidly grounded in the secular, material spiritualism of the Synthetist Vision with its emphasis on processes and their guidance through love.

Throughout my life I have been aware of the increasing number of people who have begun to see the world in a new way from a different point of view and am deeply impressed by the systematic and sophisticated manner in which they are coming together in order to re organize social processes of production and reproduction in keeping with their perspectives. I have become aware that the new vision of the world that they share is an emergent one and that it has been accessible to certain persons from the very dawn of human being and that the number of those able to access this perspective has been steadily increasing and continues to do so. It seems as though the perception of this emergent vision and its progressive realization is necessary for life's universal spread and for its evolution beyond human being.

At the same time I have also been aware of the systematic manner in which the authoritarian intolerance of the dualist perspective underlying the dominant developmental paradigm seeks to violently hinder, suppress in every possible manner and destroy those who access this emergent vision of the world; defining their goals as illegitimate and subjecting these visionaries to cruel processes of discrimination, marginalisation, torture and murder, and causing them great suffering and spiritual distress the somatic manifestations of which are then categorized as mental illnesses and subjected to coercive chemical, electrical and mechanical modifications.

The rapid increase of this small minority and its impact upon the corporate sector that forms the heart of the dominant developmental paradigm in the form of processes described as Human Resource Development, seems to indicates that far from being a marginal phenomenon peripheral to the developmental process, it is in fact indicative of the emergence of a strategic function that will lead us through peace to life beyond human being. It may also be indicative of the continued unfolding of those processes which have been described as evolution and which are seen to have led to the emergence of increasingly complex and sophisticated perceptual mechanisms and the organisms required for their sustenance and for the expression of their perceptions. The emergence of this minority may thus in fact constitute the very center and rationale of the developmental process and the most current manifestation of evolutionary change.

My life is an ongoing attempt to examine some aspects of this new perspective and some of the phenomena that have been seen to attend its emergence. I hope that it will help orient those who may be awakening to this emergent perspective and help them realize that though there are still but a few of them they are not alone, that many of them have already linked themselves together forming vast networks and that they too may join others who share their perspectives in their ongoing attempts to guide the world to peace and to the evolution of life beyond human being.

Much of my life has been lived within the particular context of the bloody and brutal war between the State and the Tamils in Sri Lanka where I currently reside. Most of my adult life has been and continues to be devoted to the development, through training, of advanced human resources; the provision of training for strategic competence to those interested in guiding the developmental process away from states of war and towards states of peace, in therapeutic ministrations to those in spiritual distress and in the initiation, support and sustenance of processes aimed at generating supportive, facilitative, inspirational and therapeutic human relationships.

I have chosen to articulate and advocate secular, spiritual, materialist, synthetist perspectives free – as far as I have been able to render them – from all forms of coercive indoctrination, dogmatism, ritual and cultic practice and all other forms of spiritual exhibitionism, anthropomorphism, gender specificity and bias and am closely engaged, through The Synthetist Mission, with those who share such perspectives.

The Synthetist Mission through its School of Life continues to provide training in the acquisition of Mastery and The Power To Guide; the cultivation of Wisdom, Insight and Understanding; the accession of Enlightenment and Illumination; and the practice of Respect, Radiance and Compassion and offers several other courses of training in life skills, human relations and spiritual development for children, teenagers, young adults, and mature individuals.



  1. Larry Victor said,

    Narmalan, I am 100% with you on your ultimate quest. Yet, I feel that, in a very significant way, your are sabotaging your own efforts. I find your oppositional stance for non-duality vs duality counter-productive. I have no quarrel with you about the excesses of a dominant duality worldview, which must be changed. But, maybe not best by opposition and conflict..

    Duality and non-Duality are complex concepts. The dominance of “unity” may be as dangerous as the dominance of “duality”. There are find-grained distinctions of both “concepts” that are important.

    Crudely, “duality” can be viewed as oppositional, Yin/Yang dialectics, and quantum complementarities (extended).

    Complementarity: initially postulated by Neils Bohr but intuited by William James, and earlier intuited in the Yin/Yang metaphor. Fundamentally it claims that “a single, logically consistent explanatory system” is insufficient for “reality”. This brings into question our naive view of “unity”.

    My personal world view involves a dynamic dialect of Unity/Complementarity. I work to live complementarity.

    I believe we can eliminate the negatives of oppositional duality only after we acknowledge the positives of complementarity.

    I also feel there are complementarities of practice. Although I have never been successful in dedicated “inner meditation” practice and have played my game more in the fields of “logos”, the “force” behind my imagination is both Mythical and Romantic. I “sense” that I do tap into some of the depths that dedicated mediators tap – in my own, strange cognitive processes.

    I am a colleague of Glistening Deepwater who has recently alerted me to you, and that you expressed interest in my THIS GREAT DAY scenario. I will be contacting you soon – and feel free to contact me. I choose to initially familiarize myself with some of your writings. My own online, unorganized collection of a small percent of my output can be found at .

    This message is in no disrespect of what you have accomplished. We are all seafing (supporting, enabling, augmenting, facilitating) each other as we emerge as a viable web for the emergence of a nu Gaia/Humanity.

    Larry / LJV /nuet

    • nirmalan said,

      Hi Larry,

      Transformation, not opposition and conflict…

      Waiting to hear from you.


  2. Larry Victor said,

    I fully agree that our strategy should not be “opposition and conflict”, although I don’t want to totally exclude them as temporary “tactics”.

    My message was to inform you that my take on your essay was that you, obviously unconsciously, are oppositional and in conflict with “dualism”. This is “my take”. I have learned that I can have successful interpersonal dialog only if I am “up front” as to how I perceive our interaction. I am not claiming any “objectivity” to my perceptions.

    Decades ago I discovered, for me – significantly, an important distinction between the concepts labeled by “transformation” and “emergence”. I continue to feel that our ignorance of this distinction is the source of many of our difficulties.

    I will not go into detail here. But in summary. Both are types of fundamental change.

    transFORMation – (to me, from my backgro9und in mathematics and physics) involves a sequence of incremental changes the starts with an initial FORM and eventually result, through operations, in a future, transformed, FORM.

    emergence is when a new FORM appears that is NOT the result of a transFORMation of a prior form. Emergence is seldom from nothing, but from chaos. And, the components for emergence may be fragments from the destruction of prior forms. But, the prior form doesn’t determine the emergent form.

    Emergence and Transformation inter-weave. Transformation can begin immediately after, and maybe even during, emergence. Emergence can also modulate transformation.

    I believe that many persons use the term “transformation” when they mean “emergence”, or the mix of the two. The practical consequence of this is many people look to keeping the old (and transforming it) when emergence is may be a much better way. But, they are unable to consider this alternatives because they are locked-into transformation as the ultimate type of change.

    I will also be contacting you soon by email. Larry

    • nirmalan said,

      You are welcome. Please make yourself as comfortable as possible.

      Complementarity, emergence, transformation…not too bad, keep it coming…


  3. Shawn Jason said,

    My friend, this was a pleasure to read… it seems we share similar perspectives and are on similar spiritual learning journeys through this adventure we call Life.

    I am very happy to have made your acquaintance and look forward to discussions and combined actions that will help heal this world from fear and help the world tune into a higher frequency… a vibration of Love energy.

    Lots and lots of Love to You from across the ocean in Canada!

    • nirmalan said,

      You are welcome. We need everyone who is willing and able to work together and on their own…

  4. Philip said,

    Will post something soon anna.

  5. Shawn Jason said,

    Thank you Nirmalan ❤ You are a blessing to the world.

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