November 5, 2009 at 6:36 am (Uncategorized)

It appears that prior to being subjected to the coercive impact of prevailing primary formative processes, the human bio organism presents no great resistance to energy flows. This enables energy to freely flow along its structures and interact with its environment.

Prevailing primary formative processes arising from the evolution and consolidation of the currently Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm

and unconsciously polarized around the objective of ensuring the survival and continuity of the human species, coercively guide these energy flows to become polarized around the incorporative, defensive and reproductive mechanisms and their related organs.

Since reproduction is no longer a primary concern given that we have the technological capacity to ensure the survival and conscious evolution of the human species and since we are able to move out of the currently Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm and enter the emerging Non Dual Perceptual Paradigm, we can now unbind human energy from its polarization around the organs of consumption, defense and re production and utilize them for this purpose.


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October 11, 2009 at 5:05 pm (Uncategorized)

I circle silently above the herd. The teeming masses caught up in the daily rush to satisfy their desires do not see me. They see nothing beyond the objects of their desires.

Silently I circle above them, watching, waiting patiently for the single individuals here and there who will falter, question and fall behind. When I spot one of them my call rings out but no one hears me other than my own and now they come to me and together we watch over the awakening ones.

The wakelings are vulnerable, disoriented, depressed and often in confusion. Often under attack due to their own naïve and trusting natures, they have to learn how to protect themselves and to fight off attacks. No longer comfortable with the herd they have to learn the skills required to live alone.

When they have moved to a safe distance from the herd we swoop down to make contact with them. They do not understand the way in which we use words. They are sometimes afraid, sometimes suspicious and sometimes defensive. But they are alone and they need all the help that comes their way and so it is with relief that they encounter the structures that have been generated through us and enter into the task of their further development that is the process that transforms our civilization and brings consciousness to evolution.

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September 19, 2009 at 5:10 am (Uncategorized)

Awakening is the most horrible experience a human being can ever be subjected to.

It is not by chance that one falls into the trap of meditation. Meditation is one part, one organ, possibly the vanguard, of a perceptual paradigm that is slowly taking over the human mind by neutralizing the one that we are currently infected by.

These nasty guru types, wondering around the world looking for victims, are people who have entered this new perceptual paradigm – or allowed it to enter them – and who are its hosts. They inveigle innocent people into engaging in meditation. They may present as counselors, psychotherpists, new age spiritual leaders and guides or whatever but their objective is to get one started on meditation.

Once meditation sets in it begins to neutralize the programs running and still the mind thereby inducing a sense of serenity and calmness and increasing mental clarity and focus of attention. This leads to the horrible realization that everything one thought was great fun is actually some meaningless activity. Worse, one cannot continue to engage in these activities once this realization dawns.

The guru type grabs this realization and uses it as the foundation for the launching of an expansionary impetus that leaves one with a totally reconfigured mind that is a zillion times larger than what it was and which realizes all sorts of things that cannot be spoken about for fear of being mistaken for a mad person. When gurujee learns that this has happened he grins broadly, gleefully claps his fat hands and proceeds to teach one “the great work with energy”.

This great work with energy takes the cake. It increases ones neural connectivity leading to a horrifying journey out of the perceptual paradigm that we have been born into and into another one that is emerging within human consciousness – or into which human consciousness is being pulled.

Now one is in real trouble. One needs more and more neural connectivity to sustain this new way of seeing the world. One needs more and more brains to connect with. The more connectivity one has, the more one sees and one wants to see more and more. The search is now on for more and more of these people who like oneself have entered this emergent perceptual paradigm. What horrible people they are, but one needs to connect with their brains in order to increase neural connectivity. What has happened to the good, neat church going me? I have turned into some kind of vampire – searching for brains!

Then one realizes that ones physical infrastructure is not conducive to linking up with more than a few brains. Juggling about a dozen takes a different kind of architecture and a different kind of living space. So now one cannot live at home. Where do I live? In a graveyard? Thanks to meditation. Now I have to take on the task of designing a new architecture. What about the finances? Great, now I have to slave, to borrow and to beg to find the resources. What has happened to my sense of self respect, my dignity, my sense of shame?

One also want to join other people and jointly work towards bringing the world into alignment with what one sees. One begins to search for others who are able to see what one sees. Yes there are a few. But not enough for the great task ahead.

So like Gurujee one sets out to awaken more and more. That’s done it. I have become one of them. How carefully I stalk my prey. How strategically I use my siddhik powers to lure my prey. A hunter of human brains. A fisher of men?

As more and more awaken one also realizes that one relates to these awakened people in very different ways from the prescribed roles available in our civilizational context. These are not parents, not spouses, not siblings, not children, not companions, not colleagues and most of all not friends. What are they? Disciples? Apprentices? Brain-hunters in the making? Fishers of men in training?

Look back. How simple life was with ones spouse, parents, siblings, children and oh!, all those chattering, running-around friends and the TV and the boozy parties that centered around stories of nostalgic recall that were played again and again. Grab Gurujee by the neck – you rogue, you thief, you have stolen my life, what have you done to me? What have you turned me into? What kind of monster have I become? Let me go! I want to go back.

Alas he says, I do not know the way back either. If you can find it please show me how to get back too. I look deep into his eyes determined to see fear in them as I kill him. Instead I see a compassion that begins to grow within me too. I realize that like me he is lost too in this massive and miraculous happening of which we are a part and which we cannot let go of or get out of.

Still want to meditate? What’s driving you? Has the emergent perceptual paradigm infected you too? Do not worry, we will come up with a vaccine and an antidote soon. Till then the best we can do is link you up in a great network and keep you engaged and entertained – a sort of quarantine – in order to try and stop it spreading, while we come up with the vaccine and antidote.

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August 15, 2009 at 6:01 am (Uncategorized)

Throughout the ages, the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into a butterfly, has been used as a metaphor to describe the evolution of human consciousness from its emergence as a reactive and defensive phenomena to to its blossoming into a creative force aware of itself and able to consciously exercise its ability to join in the universal process of evolution.

This metaphor has recently been creatively utilized to map out the evolutionary process of human consciousness. I believe it is possible to refine this metaphor in a way that it better reflects and highlights the process, as follows:

As the Caterpillar eats and grows, there begins within it a silent change. Amongst its cells there emerge some that begin to perform a peculiar function. These “Guide” cells possess, and begin to exercise, the function of being able to reach deep into Caterpillar cells and turn on genes within them that make these cells restless and dissatisfied, filling them with a longing for something they know can be, even though they do not know what it is.

These “Guide” cells are looked upon with suspicion and growing fear by the cells of the Caterpillar and which initially rally in an effort to destroy them. Many of these “Guide” are destroyed, or isolated and starved of the resources that they require in order to perform their function effectively, thereby delaying the advancement of their mission.

The “Guide” cells however, are persistent, and the number of Caterpillar cells that they are able to activate increases throughout the ages.  They begin to use the functional abilities of the various structures and especially the communication systems constructed by the Caterpillar cells, in order to advance their work. As a result the number of Caterpillar cells that these “Guide” cells are able to activate begins to grow rapidly.

As the number of these activated “Imaginal” cells increase their growing restlessness and dissatisfaction causes the Caterpillar to stop eating and seek solitude where it weaves a protective cocoon around itself and sinks into slumber as a Chrysalis.

Starved of food, the cells of the Caterpillar begin to disintegrate, making their resources available for use by the increasing number of “Imaginal” cells, which free from the attention of the defenses of the Caterpillar cells, now begin to gather together in small groups.

Disoriented and often driven by concern for the future or a subtle hedonism or vigorous activism, the activities of these groups of “Imaginal” cells are uncoordinated and appear to be ends in themselves. However, they are suffused by a subconscious awareness of much more that has to be achieved and yet they have no idea of what it is that can be.

All this while the “Guide” cells continue to activate more and more of the dwindling Caterpillar cells using a wide and increasing range of activation technologies that they are able to configure.

What happens next is of vital importance. Some of these Imaginal Cells begin to behave in a strange way. They appear to question, criticize and revolt against the activities of the “Guide” cells and withdrawing from all activity in apparent irritation they enter into long periods of silent introspection.

Their bodies atrophy and they lose weight taking on gaunt and stick like appearances in sharp contrast to the chubby and well fed appearances that are valued and which prevail. They lose the bubbly effervescent positivity that characterizes the “Imaginal” cells and enter regions of emotional sterility and deep pensiveness. These cells begin to act in a strange way as though driven by a purpose hidden deep within themselves. They begin to ignore all other activity save that of linking up with others like themselves.

As they link up they begin to form a network that functions as a framework made up of these “dissenting” cells, held together by a vision that they freely share but which is understood by only a few.

The language they speak sounds different because they have had to transform their conceptual frameworks in order to articulate and communicate the vision that they share.

They begin to build a strange new infrastructure within which they generate new ways of “Collective Individual Living” and within which is built a communication system that keeps them linked to each other in real time.

They eat unusual combinations of food and beverages, engage in patterns of behavior that have not been seen before and relate to each other in ways that have been previously unknown.

These are the “luminal” cells that are tasked with the building of the new being that is to be born and the new world that is beginning to emerge.

Like the “Guide” cells these “Luminal” cells set up systems of teaching and training that help other “Imaginal” cells illuminate themselves and light up possible paths to the future.

Out of their activities there begins to rise a strange and beautiful creation formed around the infrastructure they have built. The new is emerging. The way to the new world has been shown.

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April 3, 2009 at 3:54 pm (Uncategorized)

The Human Perceptual Apparatus is currently locked into the Dualistic Mode of Perception. 

We may choose to shift out of the Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm and into the emerging Unitive Perceptual Paradigm.

There have always been from the very beginning of the human species, individuals who have been able to make this shift.

Some of them set up systems of teaching and training that they hoped would enable others who wished to make this shift, to do so.

The number of individuals making this shift is rapidly increasing.

They are beginning to link up to form a Global Network

This Global Network has the potential to function as a Global Perceptual Mechanism and as a Global Strategic Guidance System that can facilitate Civilizational Transformation and Conscious Evolution.


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September 13, 2008 at 10:01 am (Uncategorized)

Fear not the darkness
for I am darkness
even as I am the light
that shines forth from it
and it is from within this darkness
that I am,
that you have emerged.

Why do you flee
from the Darkness that I am?
Why do you flee
from me who am your father
and your mother?
Who are these priests
who teach you
to love only the light?
Who are they
who seek to preserve the day
and destroy the night?

What have their labours
brought you to?
You have consumed
the resources of the planet
which is your home.

You have polluted the womb
which bore you,
and now
the heat generated
by your compulsive search,
for the satisfaction of the desires
that you obsessively generate,
threatens to destroy you.

Fear not the Darkness!
Turn from this exclusive love
of the light!
It is I who loves you
and it is I whom you must learn
to love,
for soon you must returm to me
for replenishment,
just as you must sleep every night.

In the beginning there was not,
for I was there,
as I am now,
and for ever shall be,
for neither end nor beginning
have I.
who am nothing
in whom all things are
and who am all things
in my becoming.

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March 17, 2008 at 2:59 am (Uncategorized)

You are me,
when you let me be myself,
through you.
When you do not,
then you are you,
and not me.

there can be co operation
or conflict,
between the two of us.

do I let you
be yourself,
through me?

By being aware
that anything is possible,
and by going forth in faith.

What does it mean,
to go forth in faith?

To do
what must be done,
without resisting.

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March 17, 2008 at 2:55 am (Uncategorized)

You cannot do something,
that has to have something else done,
before it can be done.

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March 17, 2008 at 2:53 am (Uncategorized)

We used to pray,
Now we blog.
The webmasters know,
the secrets of our souls.

what we write,
they decide,
which of us may live,
and which of us shall be

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March 17, 2008 at 2:46 am (Uncategorized)

In the beginning,
I could not see myself.
I was alone,
and I was all that was,
and all that was,
was my own becoming,
and all I felt
was the loneliness of my being.

Without another,
I could not see
or know myself.
And so,
I became another
to myself.

But like me,
my other,
wanted another,
to see itself,
and so on
ad infinitum.

The greater the otherness
of the other,
The clearer the vision
of myself,
and the other became.

But the others,
in their otherness,
turn against me,
and seek to be me,
instead of themselves.

Yet I cannot turn against them
for they are me,
and it is through their otherness alone
that I can know myself.

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