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…and so Death stood before me and spoke in lilting tones, “Come with me and I will take you away from this great disaster that lies ahead. Not for you this suffering that is the fruit of the thoughts and actions of the greedy and the foolish that is far worse than the worst that hell can offer.


Why do you tarry in the face of this great obscenity, you who have broken all ties and deconstructed even the constrictive vines of the body that seek to live for ever? What binds you to this obsessive compulsive lifestyle? What meaning can it have for you-you who have broken all ties that make you human-you who are no longer what we made you and who no longer are as what you were born? How is it that you see so clearly what must come unless great change is made to sweep across the face of your planet home, and yet you do not flee?”


…and it was true…what Death said to me…and there was no reason it seemed why I should tarry in the face of this great disaster…and yet where would I go for not even Death did know that in truth I am the world and the world is everything and there is no place outside the world to go…but me.


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