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Global Climate Change is occurring. Projections of the extent of the impact that it may have on the human species as well as life as we know it on Earth cannot at present be made with any degree of accuracy. It could range from the extinction of the human species and that of all life on Earth to the survival of the human species and some others through the adoption of skillful strategic responses. Whatever the outcome in the long term, a period of extreme destruction and painful adjustment lasting into several millennia of evolutionary eras as the climate seeks its own new equilibrium is certain.

Do we throw up our hands in despair, or do we link together scientists, academicians, researchers, technological experts and all those who dare to hope, identify ecological niches in which on the basis of our current knowledge we think that life is likely to be able to survive the storms ahead and set up survival communities made up of those willing to accept the challenges of survival and work towards the dedication of all available resources towards life’s evolution through and beyond human being and towards its universal spread.

This concept paper is an outline of a proposal for such a response to the current context and an invitation to join and participate therein.

Basic Premise:

The human species has to deal with the challenges presented by Rapid Resource Depletion (RRD), Pollution and Global Climate Change (P&GCC), Global Monetary Collapse (GMC) and the increasing incredibility of the Growth Model of Development (GMD).

All four of these challenges have to be responded to simultaneously. How ever sophisticated our responses may be, there is a very real probability that the continued supporting of a human population of eight billion individuals is unlikely to be possible. The actual number of individuals likely to be supported by the planetary ecosystems in their currently depleted state is currently impossible to predict accurately.

What can be foreseen is a process of contraction that reduces the human population to a sustainable number of individuals. The nature of such a contraction is also unforeseeable beyond the fact that the abovementioned four factors are likely to play a major role in this process.

The human species has a clear choice. It can slide into contraction without knowing what is happening or it can consciously face this process with all the resources it is able to muster with the objective of ensuring the survival of its species.

Not all human individuals may be able to understand this and it is impossible to bring the entire eight billion individuals of the species to a level of awareness where they can accept this situation and respond to it. Those who do understand what is happening and what is likely to happen however can respond.

Those most likely to accept the need to respond are in the first instance those scientists, academicians, technologists and independent thinkers who are able to accept that such a process of adjustment has already begun and as such will run its course regardless of our responses leaving us with only the option of attempting to mitigate its effects and to attempt to ensure the survival of the human species and as many other forms of life as is possible.

In the second instance those who have already been affected by events of an unprecedented nature such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and fires may agree to join such attempts because they have been displaced from their economic and ecological niches and know that they cannot reach the levels of comfort they once enjoyed. These people who have been affected, because they do not necessarily understand the scientific basis of events that are occurring are likely to present as a volatile horde who will have to be carefully guided into constructive actions lest they become destructive in their attempts to secure their own survival in whatever way possible. Hopefully their experiences will render them amenable to the acceptance of new ways of living that may in time generate a new and more sustainable civilization.


Designing and setting up “Survival Communities”


To ensure that those who have the perceptual capacity, knowledge and technical know how required by the human species in order to respond to the and processes that have been triggered as well as those with the strategic competence required to guide the human species into taking the actions required for its survival, are positioned in ecological niches selected for their anticipated ability to facilitate the survival of humans and other life forms and technologically equipped to continue their work while remaining in communication with such survival communities across the face of Earth for as long as possible and hopefully throughout the transition period and to the successful re generation of the human species at sustainable level in the distant future.

These Survival Communities will also gear themselves to train people in survival techniques and show them how to build the kind of social structures and lifestyles that facilitate survival in adverse conditions and will also accept the responsibility of advising all individual members of the human species as to what is happening and how they can best respond.


They will present as research institutions sponsored by the “International Community” or as “Civil Society Survival Initiatives”.


Communities may be as small as 2 people or as large as they are able to successfully organize themselves but in general we expect them to be around 12 persons in size.


They may be rural or urban or wilderness based.


They will be equipped with Internet connectivity, will maintain rotated stocks of medicine and food for as long as this is possible, will be powered by solar energy and any other viable non fossil fuel source and they will shift to non fossil fuel based transport as soon as possible.

Generating the “Global Network”

These communities will be linked up globally using technologies for as long as such technologies are still available within which time other more advanced means of communication may hopefully be discovered and spread widely.

Planetary Guidance

This global network will hopefully be able to perform the task of planetary guidance which may lead to the regeneration of the planetary eco systems that we have destroyed and also guide the human species into new technologies as well as reconfigurations of the existing ones that can be sustained in the long term.

Guidance for survival

These communities will function as guidance mechanisms that provide responses and solutions that the human species may advance and implement in the face of critical situations and diffuse this knowledge and the related methodologies and technologies to human individuals within their sphere of influence.

Survival stores

The setting up of delivery systems by which human individuals and communities may purchase or otherwise access technologies, equipment, information and training that may be required to effectively respond to the processes that have been set in motion.

Survival Systems and Processes

These survival communities will make attempts to redesign and ensure the continuity of the following systems and processes:

  • 1. Power Generation Systems
  • 2. Communication Systems,
  • 3. Agricultural Systems
  • 4. Waste Recycling Systems
  • 5. Transport systems,
  • 6. Social Support Systems,
  • 7. Training and Education Systems,
  • 8. Health Systems,
  • 9. Surgical and Medical Systems
  • 10.Rapid Response Systems.

Psycho Social Interventions

These survival communities will guide the human species through the task of transforming all organizational structures from the existing hierarchical pyramids to networks that complement and collaborate with each other rather than compete.

Survival Technologies

These survival communities will research, develop and deploy any technologies that use each others wastes as raw materials for the end produce they generate as well as:

Wind powered energy generation and production units.

Solar powered energy generation units.

Bio powered production units and transport systems.

They will also look at how human energy can be captured, stored and converted when necessary.

Survival Objectives

The continued evolution of life on Earth through and beyond Human Being and its universal spread.

Selection process

Members of the scientific community as well as others who understand what is happening and who are willing to accept it and respond to it.

Anticipated outcome

These communities linking together through the internet for as long as the net survives to form a global network of human minds that together may be able to perceive what none can perceive on their own and hence find ways to move the species forward through the volatility ahead and ensure the survival and conscious evolution of the human species and its regeneration over the millennia of eras to come.


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It looks as though the millennium goals have been surperseded by an immediate need to reduce carbon in the atmosphere. This means new ways of thinking new ways of doing things and new products and services.

It looks as though everything produced would have to be designed not only for utility or profit but also to support the regeneration of our  environment and achievement of a new but viable equilibrium that can support  life and give us a chance to generate a new more viable civilization based on a new way to live that  gives each one of us a new life and generates a new world for us all.

It looks as though all human activity will have to be engaged towards this goal.

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I see four major areas of concern and I see that the survival of the human species and life on the planet depends on how we respond to these issues.

I see that there are many people and organizations engaged in responding to these issues.

I see that these people and these organizations who are engaged in responding to these issues can now link up together in an effort to project these issues and the responses that they are making to these issues and invite everyone of them to join in the work of responding to these issues.



A two day event consisting of:

1. An exhibition highlighting the issues that I see as being of paramount importance

2. Demonstrations of the responses being made thereto

3. Workshops explaining these responses and their basis

4. Cultural expressions of these issues and the responses being made towards them.


Event framework:

Morning – workshops + demonstrations – exhibitions

Evening – Audio visual projections


Anyone interested in making this happen please mail

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The Human Species has to reduce its impact on its environment drastically and immediately if it is to survive.

The Human Species can voluntarily reduce its numbers or wait until its rapidly growing impact on its environment generates environmental responses that lead to an excruciating extinction.

It can decide to consciously minimize its impact by educating all its individual members about this situation and guiding them through a drastic and immediate cut in consumption and consequently necessary changes in social institutions and structures and processes.

I do not know how this can be done, but I do know that by linking my brain with another for even a few seconds I am able to see some of what is possible and that the more brains linked together the more it is that can be ‘seen’ or perceived.

I have perceived ten systems that I would want to preserve and strengthen. They are:

1. Power Generation and Transmission Systems

2. Communication Systems,

3. Agricultural Systems

4. Waste Recycling Systems

5. Transport systems,

6. Reproduction, Production and Social Support Systems,

7. Training Systems,

8. Health Systems,

9. Surgical and Medical Systems

10.Rapid Response Systems.

I also see how a wind down can be ‘managed’ creatively and with minimal loss of life.

It will involve the conscious transformation of civilization.

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…and so Death stood before me and spoke in lilting tones, “Come with me and I will take you away from this great disaster that lies ahead. Not for you this suffering that is the fruit of the thoughts and actions of the greedy and the foolish that is far worse than the worst that hell can offer.


Why do you tarry in the face of this great obscenity, you who have broken all ties and deconstructed even the constrictive vines of the body that seek to live for ever? What binds you to this obsessive compulsive lifestyle? What meaning can it have for you-you who have broken all ties that make you human-you who are no longer what we made you and who no longer are as what you were born? How is it that you see so clearly what must come unless great change is made to sweep across the face of your planet home, and yet you do not flee?”


…and it was true…what Death said to me…and there was no reason it seemed why I should tarry in the face of this great disaster…and yet where would I go for not even Death did know that in truth I am the world and the world is everything and there is no place outside the world to go…but me.

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Honorable members of the Human Species, we are pleased to inform you that your concerns for the future of Gaia your planetary mother are largely misplaced. She is strong and well and will not be destroyed by your depredations. She will live long and she will bear many more lives and many more species than she has so far.

Your Human Species however is in great danger of annihilation as a result of your own actions which are rapidly making Gaia’s womb uninhabitable by your kind.

We therefore choose to make to you, through your Earth Council Embassy, these submissions on Civilizational Transformation and Conscious Evolution which you may find useful in your attempts to respond to the challenges you face as a direct consequence of the underlying dynamics of your currently dominant global civilization.

These challenges arise from the obsessive cultivation of desires and the consequent compulsive search for their satisfaction, which is the obsessive compulsive dynamic that has generated your currently global civilization.

The critical situation you are faced with arises from the consequent increasing Human Population with its Rapid Resource Depletion and Pollution, compounded by an impending collapse of your global monetary system.

The response that we see as relevant and effective is the transformation of this civilization into one based on the perception of evolutionary potential with the conscious evolution of life through and beyond human being and its universal spread.

We know that this transformation requires that you move out of the currently Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm and into the emerging Non Dual one.

Those who have made and those who are engaged in making this movement are aware that this movement gives rise to “Connectivity” which makes it possible to generate a global network that can function as a Species Wide Perceptual Mechanism and as a Global Strategic Guidance System.

This will lead to a New Way to Live, a New Life For each one of You and a New World For you All.

We observe that some of you are becoming aware that the Human Species is undergoing a process of differentiation and that there are a few amongst you who already differ from the majority in the way that you see the world and yourselves and consequently in the way that you relate to yourselves and to your universal environment.

These few of you are those who have found your way out of the Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm that currently dominates the human perceptual apparatus and moved into the emerging Non Dual Perceptual Paradigm that seeks to emerge, consolidate itself, supersede and co exist with the currently Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm.

This movement out of the Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm and into the Non Dual one is required for Civilizational Transformation and Conscious Evolution. This movement has therefore to be facilitated, supported, and strengthened.

The contents of this submission consist of seven steps, which may be carried out concurrently, not necessarily in parallel but each according to the level it is permitted to reach or is able to attain in any given contextual moment.

i) Accept the movement from the Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm to the emerging Non Dual one, give wide publicity to processes that facilitate this movement and link up all those who are engaged in making this move with those who have already done so, thereby generating a Global Network that can function as a Species Wide Perceptual Mechanism and as a Global Strategic Guidance System that can Perceive Evolutionary Potential and guide the Human Species through Civilizational Transformation and Conscious Evolution towards the evolution of life through and beyond human being and to its universal spread.

ii) This Global Network to visualize and articulate the process of Civilizational Transformation and Conscious Evolution so that every Human Individual can clearly see the direction in which the Human Species is evolving and what the Human Species is likely to encounter along the way so that each Human Individual can be prepared to play its individual role in collectively facing the challenges that lie ahead.

iii) Set up The School of Life (SOL) to research and facilitate the function of “Connectivity” that is emerging amongst those who have moved out of the Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm and into the emerging Non Dual one since this is likely to become a new way of communicating and a new way of bonding that will have far reaching implications for all our social institutions and their internal processes including the processes of governance, and which will formulate initiate and sustain new Primary Formative Processes that will allow you to be more than Human in hitherto unknown ways.

iv) Clearly articulate the new Civilizational Objectives, which shall include the conscious evolution of life through and beyond Human Being and its universal spread.

v) Recognize that planetary resources that you have access to are finite and conduct an audit and make an inventory of remaining planetary resources and make projected estimates of how long they will last given current Human Population and its growth rates and make an assessment of the environmental impact of your patterns of consumption so that these patterns may be modified in ways that ensure the conservation of available resources and their utilization towards the new Civilizational Objectives.

vi) Expose the obsessive generation of desires and the consequent compulsive search for their satisfaction through the consumption of your environment that is the meaninglessness that has generated the currently dominant global civilization and make its Obsessive Compulsive Nature clear for all to see.

vii) Formulate and initiate processes that facilitate the Deconstruction of Sexuality, the Reformulation of Processes of Production and Reproduction, the Delinking of Access to Commodities from Access to Wages, the Redeployment of Technologies and the Redesigning of Habitat and Infrastructure.

As has always been the case, we who have crossed over and who therefore are no longer human, are ready to be of assistance in whatever way possible in every possible field should our assistance be requested.

You will require volunteers to engage these tasks and we suggest that you begin immediately, the task of identifying and activating all those who can come forward to do so.

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Lightworkers link

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Lightworkers World of Truth, Love & Light

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Some of us are able to see that the currently Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm that we have for so long allowed to captivate the human perceptual apparatus, may be superceded by an emergent Non Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm. The currently Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm has been known as “Dvaita” and the emergent Non Dual Perceptual Paradigm has been known as Advaita.

The description of the world as perceived through the emerging Non Dual Perceptual Paradigm – we can call it AdvaitaLoka – does not lead to its perception and in fact on the contrary leads to misconceptions and confusion.

The path to the perception of the world through the Non Dual Perceptual Paradigm lies through a process that involves the employment of various methods towards the reconfiguration of human being and its perceptual apparatus. I have called the consequent re-perception of the world “The Synthetist Vision”.

My objective is to facilitate the supercession of the Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm by the emergent Non Dual Perceptual Paradigm.

This involves teaching and training those who are in the process of crossing over from the Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm to the emergent Non Dual Perceptual Paradigm – a movement from one to the other that I have called “The New World Movement” .

Supporting and consolidating The New World Movement involves the systematical setting up and supporting of systems of teaching and training and I have called this process “The School of Life”.

Those who have successfully crossed over from the Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm to the emergent Non Dual Perceptual Paradigm can then begin to generate a global network by linking up with each other through the extension of their growing neural connectivity with each other and with their universal environment. I have called this process of linking up those who have crossed over “The Synthetist Mission”.

The task of guiding the global network to function as a global perceptual mechanism and a global strategic guidance system can then be engaged. I have called these tasks “The Synthetist Goals”.

The housing of the nodes of the network requires the conceptualization and construction of habitat that can support the configurations of human brains whose connectivity generates the node. These habitats will consist of urban and rural Ashrams, Monasteries and houses of Retreat.

The housing of trainees in transition from the Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm to the emergent Non Dual Perceptual Paradigm requires the conceptualization and construction of habitat that can support individual collective living. These habitats are now known as “Syncities”.

The culture that is generated by those who have crossed over and those who are training to do so requires ambits in which it can find expression. These ambits are called “The Temple(s) of Love”.

Those who have crossed over and those who are training to do so require resources to support their lives and work and for this purpose there has been set up “The Spiritual Development Fund”.

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Reality, as in what is at a given moment, can be seen as arising from an infinite flow of information to the generation of which each one of us – being amongst a myriad perceptual mechanisms both human and other than human that have been generated – contribute. We do not however individually generate this reality.

Each of us may perceive reality differently depending on the perceptual paradigm that we inhabit or which inhabits us. This does not change reality itself.

Each of us describe this reality in terms of the conceptual framework that we have configured and while this may not change reality it may lead each of us to describe it in our own particular way.

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Speaker A: What can you say about the culture attending spirituality?

Speaker B: You know, that was absolutely the most beautiful question that I have heard for a while and the way you put it is so absolutely graceful. I just love the words you choose and the way you say them.

Speaker A: Thank you, Thank you. I knew you would love them and I knew they would make you feel so good.

Speaker B: Of course that is so absolutely considerate and so absolutely caring of you. I just love the way you make me feel so comfortable.

Now the culture attending spirituality… the culture attending….. the culture… Now lets listen to this conversation we are having. Its a very good sample. This amazing feel good factor. everyone massaging each other verbally to make each other feel good. This is the spiritual culture. Soft spongy, sweet syrupy, warm, tender, gently now, easy easy, learn to walk on eggs without cracking them, always avoid anything that may trigger one of those great spiritual explosions, never never tread on anyone’s toes – that’s it, that’s what its like. Its so beautiful don’t you think.


Gurujee: Have you done your meditation?

Disciple: Why in hell should I meditate?

G: You don’t have to

D: Then why did you ask?

G: To see if you were awake

D: Are you mad, I am moving around , sweeping this damn ashram and you cannot see that I am awake?

G: With what?

D: What? With what? Awake with what? Have you gone mad?

G: Sweeping the ashram

D: Awake with sweeping the ashram?! – old man – you have lost it!

G: With what are you sweeping the ashram?

D: Oh! A broom of course, what else?

G: What is it made of?

D: What is it made of? the ashram or the broom?

G: You decide…

D: silence. Looks at guru…

G: Good morning

D: Good morning

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